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HHG Annual Freedom Award recipients

Our 2022 Freedom Award recipient was MARIO GOUSE. Mario is a long time Haitian educator (Physics teacher), Pan-African Activist and Dessalinist living in the UK. He has dedicated is life work to changing education in Haiti and advancing the Creole language

Our Annual Event Schedule

1st January Independence dinner

The 1st of January marks the independence of Haiti from France in 1804. It is a day traditionally marked by cooking and sharing Soup Joumou – a pumpkin based soup. During slavery the soup was denied to the slaves, therfore, after independence it was the first thing used to celebrate the victory.

Haitians cook soup Joumou every first of January and swap with their neighbors. The Haitian Heritage Group UK cooks and shares it with our respected community at an annual independence day dinner filled with history, games and entertainment.

May 18th Flag Day celebrations

In addition to celebrating its independence, Haiti celebrates the creation of its flag. The process was equally as liberating as freeing themselves from slaver as it signifies tearing away the last attachment to France by removing the white from the flag and creating the red and blue.

Although the current flag is what we celebrate, many in the Haitian community feel that the original black and red flag introduced by the father of the nation Jean Jacque Dessalines, is more representative of the nation-state.

Fet Maskarad – September
This amazing festival started as a birthday party in September 2020. It grew in popularity and became an annual dressup dinner with party treats, gifts and games. It serves as a much needed break from the reality of our lives where we can dress up in mask and play roles as we please.
Black History is World History – October

In 2014, Guilaine was elected as the Minority and Ethnic officer at the university. She did not subscribe to the idea of the allocated month for human history, so she started holding an event at the West Indian Community Center in Leeds called Black History is World History. It was an amazing display of cultural unity. In that spirit, HHG will create a series of workshops and activities around Haitian history, historical figures and specific eras, highlighting Haiti’s link to the world.

Fet Gede/Ancestors Day – November
Ancestors day is a celebration of people in Haiti’s history that have left positive legacies on its society. We celebrate our historical revolutionary heroes after the day of the birth of the nation as well as modern day legends who have etched their names in Haitian memory forever. The day is usually celebrated on the 2nd of January, the day after independence day with a series of festvies, parades and theatrical plays.

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