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About Us

Who we are

The Knowledge Project CIC in Leeds is dedicated to promoting Caribbean / African history and art through, educational outreach and cultural enrichment initiatives. Our organization aims to create a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates diversity and fosters understanding.

Our Vision

To change the perceptions of African and African Diaspora history and raise awareness of its influence and impact globally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to showcase the transformative power of cultural pride in fostering academic excellence and personal development. By empowering youth with the tools and motivation necessary for success, we aim to cultivate a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow for everyone.

Our Model

Build a Community

By engaging with the local community, The Knowledge Project CIC will raise awareness about Caribbean and African culture and history. Through educational workshops, cultural events, and partnerships with local institutions, we will empower individuals to embrace diversity and appreciate the contributions of Caribbean and African communities to society.

Give a hand-up

People serving People

We are constantly working to provide our community members with the tools and knowledge they need to build wealth and strengthen their communities. Established community leaders come together to give a hand-up to locals in disadvantaged areas through mentorship & events.

Growth & Prosperity

Re-investment back to Haiti

We believe that with a strong community, we can increase economic mobility and reduce poverty for communities here and back home. In collaboration with public and private institutions we aim to:

  • Increased awareness and appreciation of Caribbean and African history
  • Empowerment of individuals, particularly youth, through educational initiatives.
  •  Strengthening community ties and fostering inclusivity.
  • Preservation and promotion of cultural heritage for future generations.
  • By strengthening a sense of identity can serve as a catalyst for academic success and personal growth.

Our Values

Service to Community

We have pride in our culture and use it as an asset to improve the lives of the people in our community.


We embody honesty and open communication with all our stakeholders and are visible about the actions we take.


Creating opportunities for our community to use culture as an asset to thrive and leave positive legacies in their communities.

People Centric

We explore stories that have shaped the lives of the people of our community. Just as each person’s struggles are unique, so are their talents, personalities and aspirations. The goal is to cultivate honesty and openness with everyone we work with.

Family & Unity

We know that anything is possible when we work together. Our team, community partners and donors are tied together by a mutual commitment to support and inspire the next generation.